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Auto Temperature Control

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Does anyone know where the "sensor" is for the automatic climate control?
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For the climate control, the room temperature sensor is behind a little grill just below the PRNDB shift lever. The evaporator temperature sensor is inside the unit containing the evaporator, fans, ducting, air doors, and PTC heaters, below/behind the center of the console. The solar sensor is just to the passenger side of the middle of the dash, near the front windshield. The ambient temperature sensor is behind the air intake hole in the front bumper, at the far driver side edge of the hole. Finally, the engine coolant temperature sensor is on the water outlet on the left side of the engine. The Air Conditioning ECU receives input from the first three directly and from the last two via the Engine Control Module (ECM).

Hope this helps.

Robert Snyder
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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