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Auto-on Headlights anyone?

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I wonder any one knows how to incorporate the automatic turning on of the head/tail lights during dusk, as a feature with DRL. My camary does it, and assuming the same I was careless the very first night. Almost got a ticket. Headlights were "half-on" due to DRL but forgot turn them on full. also the tail lights were off. Fourtunately we were just out of our aparment complex when the cop pulled us over.

Any body who know how to do this or had talked to Toyota (no dealer) when they will come up with this feature so that we can upgrade.

I am a big fan of DRL. you need it almost 6 months here, when it rains / fogs etc.
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I think it's better to use "poor-man's DRL" than get the DRL option. The DRL option cannot be turned off, even when it's impolite to have the headlights on. And as you discovered, it doesn't turn the taillights on. Perhaps you would also prefer to just leave the light switch in the on position. The lights turn off when you turn off the car and open the driver's door, then turn back on next time you start the car. I believe this works even if you have the DRL option.

If you plan to leave the car undriven for over a week, be sure to turn off the light switch. The switch drains the battery slowly when in the on position even though the lights are off.
Very quickly you are trained by the brightness of the screen display. It is very bright in DRL-mode and darkens when the normal night running lights are on. (Assuming the brightness switch is not to the full-on position.) The switch always on mode is really only for the desperately unaware.

I agree with Robert. I regret the DRL option. Anyone buying a Prius should carefully consider that there is no way to extinguish the DRL while in motion without a mod.
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