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Hey there,

I just bought a Prius 2 days ago. I bought the thing essentially off the lot. It came with a CD player. I've logged about 40 miles on it so far.

I have Harry's Hybrid Hack on order. I also got the Jenson 5010K head unit and 10 CD changer CH-1001 Ultra for a total of $363 from

I've listened to two disks on the CD player and am wondering how far I should go in terms of sound quality. The speakers are adaquate but not as precise as I would like. I'm thinking about adding an amp and replacing the 5 1/4 and 6 1/2 front and back speakers. I really don't want to cut into the interior so I think getting separates would be too much. I've looked at the MB Quart 5 1/4 Coax which looks like it is wired as a separate but is in the Coax form factor. The guy I spoke to was telling me the Focals were even better.

Has anybody modified their Audio system with external Amps and/or speakers?

Has anybody taken the interior door off and seen how much room there is for the speakers?

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I don't know, but it would be nice to have buttons on the MD labeled 1-6 that you could use to select what CD you want...


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You mean like seen in the picture on <> this page.

My interface seems to be the only thing able to bring up the buttons.
It took me a while to figure out how to make them operating buttons,
but they've always come up. As far as I know everyone with a real
6 disc changer doesn't get these, and everybody with my interface

I use them to allow direct track access. I don't know whether the
interface will be able to select discs in the changer because I don't
know how the MP5010 controls perfrom that function. It looks like
mitch will learn soon enough about that when it finally arrives (shipping from East coast to West coast).


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Well, uh I guess I don't know how to make working html on
this board (I see the missing href=, but no way to edit it).

Anyway, I attached the image in question to this post.


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Front Speaker replacement?

Has anybody replaced the front speakers yet? I just looked at the manual and turns out they are riveted, not screwed. There are a few cautions in the instructions too. I'm wondering how difficult it actually is. I assume that I can use the screw system that usually comes with the speakers after the rivets are drilled out.

On the other side maybe I should pay twice as much as just ordering what I want on ebay and have a local shop install my amps and speakers.

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MP3 player for Prius


I just wanted to let folks know that I'm now an authorized
Jensen dealer, which means you can get an in-dash CD/MP3
player for the prius that is controlled by the touch screen
and dashboard buttons and you can install it with no soldering.

In fact, I'd say this is easier to install than the average
car stereo, and it comes with a detailed video for how to
install it.

The price is pretty decent too: $315.00 plus $14 shipping/handling.
(MD residents add 5% sales tax). That's for the Jensen MP3510
CD/MP3 player with the Hybrid Stereo Adapter - everything you
need for a complete working system. That's less than the MSRP for the
single CD option for the Prius.

Another point I need to make is that the product has a new
name: "Hybrid Stereo Adapter", but it is the same thing as
"Harry's Hybrid Hack" that me and some of my customers have talked
about in this (and other) groups. My brother reviewed my business,
then tore me a new one for using the word "hack" in my product
name. It sad really, the media has done such a job abusing the
word "hack" that it's now a tainted word associated with
criminal and unethical actions, instead of the honorable word
describing the clever determination of how to solve difficult
problems that it used to be.

Anyway, here is a nice, short re-direct to my new ad-free
website where you can learn a lot more about it, and
order it too:




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Hi Prius Crew,
I just put 6x9 speakers in the rear deck. The method I used was to mark the inside of the trunk with a template. Then remove the rear panels and shelf from the interior. Using (gasp!) a Sawzsall, I cut the pattern out of the metal. I then replaced the rear shelf and traced the outline on it. Removed the shelf and cut the holes. The final step was to replace the felt with quality soundproofing. The toughest part was finding screws long enough. One last note, Crutchfield sells speaker covers that fit nicely over the back of the 6x9s. This final touch was glued over the backs.

Next project is replacing the front with 6.5 coaxial speakers.

Have fun, drive safe.


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Re: MP3 player for Prius

Hello Harry...

Thanks for the hack... I've got a check in the mail to you today for one of your MP3 player kits.

Thanks for taking the time to do this hack, I'm looking forward to playing my MP3's!


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Re: MP3 player for Prius

I purchase and promptly received one of Harry Eaton's MP3 player kits.

It took just under 30 minutes to install and works and sounds great.

The kit made installation a snap because everything is pre-made and
ready to install.

Thanks Harry!


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