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Greetings all,
In towards replacing our `95 Odyssey down the road, I'm hoping there's a hybrid minivan or smaller-SUV in our near future.
(With 2 growing(!) kids, mtn. bikes, soccer, etc. a compact like the excellent Prius and new Civic just won't quite do.)
If anyone has any insights (pun intended) on what Toyota's (or Honda's) plans are for larger hybrids, I'm sure many of us family-folk would appreciate learing the latest and greatest.

Thanks, and we now return you too your regularly scheduled forum.


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I think if you can hold off another 10 or 15 months you will be o-kay. Think there will be several models of larger hybrids in the 2003 model year.

Don Good

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Don't believe the website

I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the website that was posted (no disrespect meant--I drool over it all the time) in that it says you can expect a Toyota hybrid minivan sometime in the next couple of years. Everyone I've talked to, both at Toyota dealerships and Toyota headquarters, now say there is no official time frame and that it could take up to 10 years.

FRUSTRATING! Those of us with families could SURE USE A HYBRID MINIVAN. Toyota, are you listening?

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