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Pebble Beach said:
What will be different? Any ideas on cost?

Just wondering.

AFAIK, nobody really knows. I suspect the '05 tagged Prii will begin arriving in Sept. or Oct....much as any new model year car would and consistant with the 1 year anniversary of the '04 hitting the lots.

What will be different? I dunno. I think, at this point, it's a bit of a craps shoot. If you'd asked me a few months ago I speculated on several potential changes (adjustable seats, integrated XM, more interior color options, leather seats, larger wheel option, etc). But now, with demand so high and unmet, I think maybe, to avoid delays in production, they'll just keep cranking out the same car to try to meet the demands. Esp. since the integrated XM is available after market.

If the surveys I've recieved are telling they seem to wonder a lot about the wheel issue. Lots of folks have mentioned DRLs. I would expect well start seeing/hearing something around April--that's about when the '04 was announced.
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