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Well, Isabelle is already a registered user at HiHy, but it's a bittersweet day. Last October, we put a deposit on a HiHy at a small, local dealer, but our Dodge Caravan was at 150,000, already two AC compressors, and the transmission was whirring. And the tax laws for donating vehicles were set to change on 12/31.

Finally, after the best available research on the likely price and mileage of the HiHy, we bought ......a Honda CRV for $19,000 even. It's a great car (Bob), and even a LEV.

What with paying for Isabelle and the likely mileage difference, we felt we had to jump....having learned to drive Isabelle properly, we figure we can average 26-27 mpg in the CRV, and we estimated that having paid for Isabelle, the HiHy would be a bit rich.

Oh yeah...we went through the "2 small cars" phase (we have 3.5 kids), and even took them all and sat them in the back of a Civic hybrid. But even in the Prius, they feel too low to the ground...and the civic was worse.

So, I'm excited, but I think I better face reality and go get that deposit check back....but I'll be watching here with excitement.
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