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Just received a re call notice, excuse me, "limited service campaign". LSC 40e

This may explaine some of the problems reported here.

"Rain or carwash may seep into the engine compartment" etc, etc, "and cause a decrease in engine performance. This will trigger the malfunction indicator light (MIL) to illuminate on the dash, and the engine ECM to store a trouble code and place the vehicle into a "limp-home" mode.

It is a simple fix, taking about 30 min.

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ephrumsirc said:
The obvious question: which model of Prius do you have (year)?
It has been reported on other 2004 Prius groups, so I'd say a 2004.

Except it's a Limited Service Campaign, not a recall. The last LSC for the classic Prius was for a PS ECU, come in if you want it.
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