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As far as commuter husband drives that same 120 mile round trip everyday. He's had 3 Civics and a Ford Focus. He just got sick of having a "kids/small" car. So when we saw a Prius (he was there to look at a Corolla) assumed it was spoken for...but it was available. We test drove it-and if it had been up to me I would have bought it on the spot. We figured we couldn't decide in 20 minutes to spend that much we went back the next day after investigating. They charged MSRP, and it's got the NAV/Bluetooth, Package 6. With the price of gas just going up, we're saving at least $100 a month on gas alone.

I love it. Best purchase we ever made. He's been averaging 54mpg on his commute.

I'm happy because he's out of town this week so I've had the chance to use it all week. It's great for putting the car seat and our 2 year old in the back. With all the side airbags, etc...I'm very secure in how safe it is.
I'm proud to say I averaged 56mpg on my way to work today.

It's already got over 5K miles on it. From what I've read, Toyota seems to be one of the most reliable cars out there. I'm not too worried about piling on the miles. I'm sure this car can take it.
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