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-If you speak to a dealer, you can get a test drive. Worst case sceanario is you order one, it comes in, you drive it, and decline to receive it. No dealer would make someone buy a car without ever driving it!

-That said, hopefully there will be vehicles available soon. Production has increased dramatically this year, especially the last two months, and waiting lists are clearing. There are vehicles in inventory in dealerships in parts of the country, check the dealer forum.

-There are a number of Prii with high miles, of course not as many as Civics, Camrys, or Corollas! Regardless, read about the two different Prius taxis in Canada, taxi service is the most demanding I can imagine. Consumer Reports reliability finds Prius BETTER than Civic, Camry, or Corolla (okay they're all very close). While that only represents an estimate based on a few model years, after a few years it's generally reliable for the long term. Most cars with long term problems start with short term problems. CR said it's among most reliable of all Toyota vehicles. No special treatment for being a hybrid, either. (same scale as all other vehicles)
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