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I have a Toyota Prius 2017 Gen 4.
I have an issue with the Heaters / Blowers / Air Vents / Heater Console.
Usually when the cars started/engines on the fans/heaters/AC works instantly as soon as you turn the temperature buttons up or fan buttons up the air kicks in straight away.
Today however, Everytime I pressed the buttons up & down on the centre console to ask for air or temperature the whole console is not responding as if it is totally dead ..
there’s no lights coming on it or anything.
Then, After a minute or two of driving the whole thing just kicks in itself … the heaters start working & the lights come on on the heater console ..
it’s like there is a delay in it coming on.
Once the fans are blowing then they stay on.
But once you switch the engine off & restart the car then again the same issue - there’s a delay in the heaters/fans console actually coming on.
The cars been recently serviced & the engine coolant is topped up & on maximum.
Any suggestions/help/advice would be more than welcome.
Many Thanks.

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So i plugged it into a diagnostic machine today.. the faults coming up were mainly to do with the A/C & so on.. when I delved deeper the fault code showing was:

B1448 FACE Servo Motor Circuit (Passenger Side)

I tried to delete these fault codes but they wouldn’t be deleted / kept showing up on the diagnostic so clearly there is an on-going issue there.

Again I just want to clarify that once the heaters / fans kick in (usually around 1 minute after starting the car) then they stay on & work as normal - no problems whatsoever with the Hot & Cold Temperatures, the Speed of the Air or the AC - no strange smells no nothing. All works fine once it comes on.

My mechanic opened up the glove box & got to the Heater Blower Motor & all seems fine & intact - no signs of any loose wiring or loose connectors or chewed wires etc.

Also the Pollen Filter is in reasonably good condition.

I can’t seem to find much information online in relation to this fault code either so it doesn’t seem like a common fault for Toyota Prius.

I’ve not had no work done on the car whatsoever & certainly nothing has been interfered with on the radio / dashboard side of things.

It’s really baffled me so far.. even my mechanic can’t work it out.

I really hope it’s not a Toyota Dealer job!!

Any more ideas / suggestions ??
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