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Started last week.

Had my 2002 Prius into the dealer for the 30,000 maintenance. That evening an "icon" on my CRT screen came on. It was the outline of a Prius in red with a large exclamation point on it. Book said to contact Toyota Dealer!

I did. They sent over a tow truck and took it in. Even provided me with a rental car for the next day's travel to teach in East Texas. Picked up my Prius. They could find nothing wrong with it.

Several days later, the "Check" engine light came on up by the windshield. I called "Service," since it was Saturday afternoon. They said to bring it in on Monday (Memorial Day). Told them that I had to drive over 100 miles on Sunday. Service guy said it shouldn't hurt it.

Sunday, drove it 20 miles and stopped for breakfast. Got back into the Prius and now both the "Check" engin light AND the icon with the red car outline and an exclamation point came on! Made arrangements for another "tow." While waiting, we turned it back on and only the "check" engine light was on, so I cancelled the "tow" and drove it home.

Today (Monday), took it in and later they reported that it needed a new "air flow meter." Service man wasn't really sure what it was but surmised that it probably controlled the mix with fuel. Might have accounted for the smell of fuel we detected that morning.

Any ideas? Comments? Still have my fingers crossed......

Phyton in Fort Worth
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