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Aftermarket Goodies in a 2006 (Video Input)

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I've been recently informed that the 2005 Prius is no longer an option and I'm on the waiting list for a 2006. I would like to get some feedback from 2006 owners that have installed aftermarket items and how well they have worked out for them. I am mainly interested in the Television/Video input on the navigation screen (which apparently is all new for 2006) and that device that Coastal Elect claims to make that turns off the need to be parked to enter information in the nav so that passengers can play with the nav while driving. (It also turns off that stupid warning each time you start up the car where you agree to not let it cause an accident.)
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My recollection is that CoastalEtech is still only taking preorders for the Nav kit, and hasn't shipped yet...
Preorders? Don't they make the product themselves? Hurry up guys! I wonder if it will work with 2006 Prius...
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