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I'm aware of four options:

1. a buckwheat pillow (is cheap, and looks cheap)
2. coastaletech armrest, $74.
3. the Wright custom armrest, >$150.
4. raise the existing console up higher $?

I have the Wright armrest, and though expensive, it looks like it came with the car, and is a quality item. The cover zips off for cleaning.

All these options (except #4) are described with pictures at ... r%20Prius/

for #2:
for #3: Wright Upholstery Company, 1003 Douglas Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001, phone (616) 345-7845
for #4, search the archives at the yahoogroups site. Not too far back in time.

In my opinion, this car must have an armrest! My right elbow is on mine constantly.


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Hi All - I bought the CoastalEtech armrest and was not satisfied with it. It never really acted like a permanent arm rest. I then saw someone elses post about JCWhitney generic arm rest and I bought one of those. I dumped the steel attachments to the actual rest and drilling 2 holes in my current OE armrest. I them used sheet metal screws , similar to the ones the generic arm rest attached to the steel attachments with, to attach it directly to my OE armrest. It is pretty nice- I now have a second center storage container and a FIRM padded armrest (which I can actually lean on), and it doesn't look too bad either. The armrest from JCWhitney cost about $34.00 plus a few bucks to ship versus the $75 for the Coastaletech which I have not used after a short period of time.

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