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Hi folks!
I just dropped by a Lexus dealer who has a loaded 2005 Prius w/ 3400 miles on it and essentially brand new, and will let it go for $24,400. I'm torn. I have my name on the list for a package 4 2006 due in late January for deliverly, but now I don't know. I was hoping someone here could sell me either way, since the Nav/BT loaded system is nice (but not totoally necessary) on '05, but if I could end up paying about the same for an essentially new car w/ being loaded, vs waiting for an '06.

Here's my list of pros and cons, and really it comes down to how the tax incentives would work on the used '05.

Loaded! DVD navigation, HID lights, 6 disc changer, tape player, BT, VSC, etc, etc. (essentially package 7 in the '06 w/o the backup camera and mp3 player)
I get it today (not a huge deal in my mind, I can wait until late Jan)

- Not loaded... ie no NAV/BT, 6 disc changer, mp3 player, etc
- Do I get a tax write off if I buy it in '05, or a credit if I can wait until Jan 1st? This is really deciding factor I need to figure out.
- 3% sales tax - yuck! No sales tax in NM for an '06.
- 3400 miles on it (but not a scratch on it - but still an '05)
- No ~$3k tax credit. (right?). Do I still get a deduction on my taxes?
- No mp3 player

I really like the Nav system after having played w/ it a bit today, but don't know if it makes financial sense to wait, and take the '06 package 4. I really can't justify 3 grand for a Nav system, but thought the 24,400 price was "reasonalbe". What would you guys do? I know this is personal choice, but weighing cost vs. options, what would be the better deal?

Thanks in advance.


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The Nav on the "Used" 05 at the Lexus Store with only 3400 miles and less than $25k ? This price is unheard of here in CA ! No tax benefits on the "Used" previously registered Prius though !

The 06 #4 packaged your ordered car, Will have a tax credit of up to: $3150 but no NAV !

If you order the #7 package then take the tax credit your brand new 06 will be same price or less than the "Used" 05 with the Nav option !

I do not know what to tell you but 05 Nav here now at that low priced is hard to let it go ! Your decision.....but I bet if you take too long to make up your mind that Prius will be gone !

Happy New Year !
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