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I believe his repair story completely. The same happened to me and my 1995 Supra. Small fender bender tot he front of my car. Another SUV'er stopped short while pulling away from a light. Yes the accident was my fault so get off your high horse. Damage was on the driver's side including bumper and sub assemblies, hood and left fender, radiator and other close structurs. The impact was directly on the air bag sensor so both air bags deployed. (Digression: Don't put anything on the passenger's seat except a passenger. Any weight activates the passenger airbag and it's so expensive to replace, torn open dash and usually a broken windsheild from the dash components slapping it from the inside, that it's deployment, that is the passenger airbag, that it make the difference between a repair and a totaling of the car in many cases. End of digression) The sheetmetal of the engine compartment around the radiator was distorted but the damage did not extend to the engine or pullys. Well, 3 months later, I got back a factory looking Supra. The body shop did a PERFECT job. Right down to the last nut and bold. There is NO evidence of an accident anwhere on the car. The insurance company picked up the $20,000 tab. Initial estimate was $13,000 which the adjuster thought would be a total, until he researched the car's value. After seeing the details on the repair, Toyota is not big on small parts availability. There was a small plastic sheild around a spot on the engine wiring harness that was broken. Not available. We had to replace the whole engine wire harness at a cost of $1,200, for a $3.00 piece of plastic. Other small seemingly cheap parts were rediculessy expensive. And I thought German parts were high. Especially in the case of the Prius. It is so new and the demand is so high, and every part being manufactured for it is going into new car production It is understandable that repair parts supply is limited.
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