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Auto Crash !?><

I am glad to hear your son was not injured. Maybe alittle more drivers training and driving experience, could have prevented the crash. But It wasn't the Prius that caused it. Right? It takes alot more thinking on the part of the driver of the Prius, than conventional cars. And with more cars on the road driven by people doing everything BUT DRIVING, crashes will be the end result. I see drivers doing everything but DRIVING, everyday in the small area I live in and it makes me wonder. My wife rear ended a panel truck 5 years ago traveling in bumper to bumper traffic. Speed
5 mph, the car she had then was an Eagle Talon.
It cost over $5,000. for repairs, yes my insurance premium increased.
We didn't rush out and blame the car,or trade it in for a Big Gas Guzzler
She Learned to drive farther away from cars and watch everything going on around her when she is driving. A good think to do everywehere you drive no matter what you drive when you drive. :roll:
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