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Passion and Prejudice

With the hybrid gas-electric LS 600h L sedan, Lexus challenges us to rethink the luxury car. Like Anne and the electric grandmother, hybrid vehicles have their detractors. Some have even charged hybrids as lacking in passion. I wonder, however, if the detractors have driven the LS600h L.

I did, for several days - and I can report that the LS 600h L is a passionate vehicle. Like the electric grandmother, one can really feel the care and attention that the designers of the LS 600h L built into the vehicle. The perfection of the stitching over the leather surfaces over the dashboard, doors, and interior nook and crannies is simply amazing. The sound system - the Mark Levinson Reference Surround System - is the best factory system I've ever heard (and this audiophile has heard virtually all of the top factory systems).

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