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I wish I had my digital camera so I could attach a picture of the display.

My 2002 got 98 MPG this morning in a 5 min slot on the computer.
(Appeared to be at the black line just under the 100MPG that you can barely see.)

It was the 4th 5 min slot. (20 min) The other 5 min slots were 35,50,75, and 98. The last slot was 65 when I arrived at my work. This is when I noticed the 98 slot. I had the screen on the animated motor etc when driving. Then I switched to see my mileage before shutting down the car at work.


From what I can remember of the area etc, from the previous 5 min.

Only one stop light, made the rest at green.
Distance driven was approx 2.5 miles. (I think)
Very little traffic. (Maybe 6 cars ahead of me)
Speed approx 35 mph.
Outside Temp was 76.
No wind.
Level road.
Only Acc on was the AUTO vent blower on recirculate and set on 70.
No passengers.
No cargo.
Slick wax job. :p
One bar missing from guess gauge.

Think I about covered it all.

Has anyone else made this kind of mileage in a 5 min slot? Probably getting excited for nothing, but I was really amazed to the point I had to tell the co-workers and call the wife too.

Sparky again amazed me. Still think this car is alive and thinks for itself.


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> Probably getting excited for nothing

Nope! You've discovered a pleasure that only hybrid owners understand.

Even when I drive a traditional car, I lose interest in MPG since there's no feedback available. Having that Multi-Display changes the entire driving experience.

The new (non-OEM) tires I just put on are generating a lot more "E" values than I'm use to seeing. That's probably due to the higher rolling resistance tires requiring more electricity for acceleration. But nonetheless, the regenerator is getting a workout to replenish the supply. That got me excited (sound familiar?), so I took a digital photo.

<> shows what I saw yesterday. There's 6 "E" values and a full (100 MPG) segment.


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That's real easy to do: I can get up to three bars at 100 MPG (15 minutes worth) by cruising around (Like in a Big Wal-mart parking lot). If you keep it around 5 or 6 MPH, you could probably fill up quite a few bars., maybe all 6 if your Battery had the full charge when you started, like bottom of a mountain!
Don good

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I get that on parts of my morning commute and my PM ride... when I have a period iun which I cruise at 25mph into a large development to drop off my kid at day care... leave the car "ready" but not needing the ICE while I kiss her good-bye... and cruise back out to the highway again. Makes my little heart pitter-patter.

Other times I get the top lines are when I enter and drive though a town at 25 to 35 mph after a ride on the freeway to get warmed up. I love the Stealth mode ride through town.....


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Ok Guys - sorry to make you envious, but every day driving to work I will always get at least 2 and often 3 100 mpg bars. I do cheat abit, after all I just finished filling my battery up to full plus an extra 2 minutes after full of totally driving in regen mode. I happen to live on top of a mountain (small one), and every day I will have at least 5 minutes to 10 minutes of regen. After totally filling the batteries, I then get to drive at about 30-48 mph for about 10-15 minutes. My Prius drops the ICE like a hot potatoe, and is almost on pure electric for 10 minutes+..

I should get a digital pick of it for John1701a. You would love it...

PS - the same long mountain drive home alone would net me about 37-40 mpg if done alone.

My average during this spring now is floating in the 48-53 mpg range.

I love it when I stealth by the local cops in the ever present speed traps in the village at the bottom of the mountain .

PS - for those that know NYS, its Altamont..

Steve D.
'02 super white 15000 miles.


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Please be careful when suggesting that lots of regeneration stars are good! The car is boasting that it has recovered some of the braking energy, which is good. But, for every 50kW hour of regenerated energy there is also energy, probably more, that was wasted as heat. When you have to slow down, as we all must, it's nice to get a star. But if you could drive so as not to get any stars at all, you'd be doing better still!
Also, I personally can't see how the tires would be increasing your regeneration. I get more regeneration on my commute on the days when all the lights are against me.


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> Please be careful when suggesting that lots of regeneration stars are good!

I don't. I'm clearly taking a MPG hit. That's bad. Fortunately, it's not much.

Seeing that the extra effort to move the new tires isn't completely wasted what I like. And I don't understand either why I'm seeing more "E". The car is obviously smarter than I am.


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<--I'm seeing more "E". The car is obviously smarter than I am.

I told you the car had a mind of its own... :)

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