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GrnDrvr03 said:
For the past few weeks I was doing mostly freeway driving (approx.
70 miles / day ) and was getting about 48 MPG.

This week-end I did mostly surface streets, start & go, many parkings, no
jump-starts or fast accel. and the MPG dropped to around 32 ???? :x

(same gas from same station, same tire pressure, same weight on car)

Any ideas ?
How much time between each stop?
Many short trips will bring down your
mileage, as the Prius goes through its
warmup period on each start (assuming
the car has had time to cool off at
each stop).

Any chance you left the AC or the
defroster (windshield position) on
your climate control? You wouldn't
notice the impact of their use if
you usually only do highway driving, but
they can be a real bummer if you do
backroad or "city" driving (lots of
stops, speeds under 42MPH). The
engine has to run to power the AC compressor
for either the AC or defrost settings,
meaning that your engine would run for
your comfort rather than turning off
to go into stealth.
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