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Hey all,

Thanks in advance for reading. I have a 2011 Prius 3 with 90k miles - took it into a local Firestone for new tires (Firestone Affinity Touring 70k mile tires) and "complete inspection" as well as an oil change. My Prius was running about 45 MPG before, but since I've gotten it back it's running 33-34 MPG. It also feels sluggish and jumpy, like something isn't right, although there's no check engine or warning light yet (I've driven over 100 miles since getting it back).

Firestone's computer system tells them 4.4 quarts of OW-20 oil for a Prius - I've read on many forums that that's too much and Prius does best with 3-3.5 quarts. I took it back into the Firestone so they could trouble shoot the issue. I told them what I knew about the oil amount and they called our local Toyota dealer. One tech at the dealership said 3.9 quarts, another said 4.4, and everything online says 3-3.5. What's the correct answer here?

They drained my oil and replaced with 3.9 quarts OW-20 and my Prius is still running poorly. I even made sure to pump up my PSI to 42 front & 40 rear; MPG improved slightly but it's still clear to me that something isn't right with the car. Help! Any thoughts?
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