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This is ridiculous!
I have 117 miles on this tankful and the mpg gauge is still on 199.9
Saturday 20 mile trip to Wallingford CT
Sunday 24 mile trip to Hartford CT
Tuesday (today) 18 mile trip to Middletown CT & a 24 mile trip to Hartford CT (only a partial recharge (9 miles))
This is my second tank of gas (2030 miles on the car), the tank holds around 10 gallons. That includes a all highway 700 mile trip to Wells Maine and back without recharging!

The acceleration is a lot better than my plug-in but nowhere near my friends Tesla Model S that is like taking off in an airplane. The Tesla pushes you back in your seat and the Prime does come anywhere near that according to published date 0 – 60 in 13 seconds.

So as you can tell I love the Prime.

Okay, the negatives.
The trunk is really small, no I mean really small. On the trip to Maine I only could fit my travel bag, laptop bag, and my camera bag in the trunk and I had to put the beach chair and beach supplies bag on the back seat.
The car yells at you! On a straight and level stretch of I-84 I wanted to see of the car drifts to one side or other so I took my hands off the steering wheel (I held them just off the wheel) and it yelled at me… “Keep your hands on the wheel!” was displayed in the dash.
The car rates your driving and tells you way to improve the efficacy… Your score is 78, try turning down the A/C
I don’t like the little video on the multifunction display when you start and shutoff the car… really do they need that?
Speaking of the multifunction display I don’t like that you have to dig down in the menu to adjust the A/C, you have to take your eyes off the road too long. But then it has the collision avoidance system to warn you when you are driving into the back of the car in front of you or when you drift out of your lane when you are trying the adjust the A/C.
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