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2017-2020 Prius USB charger port needs cable adapter for power. No Luck

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I just purchased a rear console panel with a top end USB charger for my Prius (2017) This one came from a 2020 I think.
Regardless, I only need the wire adapter end to plug into it. My Toyota wants $200. For a little plastic piece that plugs into it. They want me to buy the whole charger.

The wiring is there now, but I do not have the little plug in plastic adapter.
here is the unit. From pics on the internet.

The new used panel on the right.


It is nearly impossible to find a prius in a junk yard here. I cannot find a part number for it. Most schematics do not include it and the ones I do find do not have all the parts for the numbers.

Any chance someone here can give me a part number.

I may just take it apart and solder wires into it... or buy a rocker panel USB carger and hope I can adapt it... short of other more edjumacated suggestions.

Thanks so much in advance.

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