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I'm on my 2nd Prius, 15+ years and first worrisome problem.
When cold, everything is as usual, driving is like always before, no problem.
Once everything is fully warm, including the transmission, during low stress grade changes, the transmission shifts up and down, noticeably. I don't recall my 2007 or this 2016 model ever doing that before. Occasionally it sounds and feels more concerning than just bothersome.
Complex systems with diverse sensors, computer controls, hardware issues, etc. can exhibit or cause strange behavior affecting normal drivability. I changed transmission fluid at 55K and 110K, but I can not rule out impending failure. About the only undone maintenance on this 2016 Prius is the injector cleaning. If someone can recommend a suitable pourable product it would be great, the one I was looking for is OOS and I'm hoping for an email from them.
It would be fantastic if someone has experience with this problem. The Service Rep at the nearby Toyota Dealer had nothing to offer beyond we'll have to have a tech check it. And that may wind up being the action taken, but for now the car is usable and only slightly questionable.
Myself, I fixed jet planes in the Navy, worked in IT 26 years, 22 of it independent consulting. I can fix most anything with the right information, tools, etc. I have access to for a while longer as well.
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