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Proper way to shut down 2013 Prius. What’s the verdict?

  • Park> power button

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  • Neutral> park> power

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I’ve done multiple searches (online and here) and I’m not coming across what I’m looking for so, apologies if I’ve missed it or missed multiple threads.

I had a 2008 and at that time was instructed the proper way to shut it down was… neutral > park> power.
So I did that for years. Now I have a 2013 and I’m doing the same thing but, I found my sister-in-law was just hitting the power button. No neutral no park. (After being told the neutral> park> power bit).

She parked it in the garage last night and this morning something in the rear of the car was still whirling. Sounded like a fan? I don’t even know if the two are related but it’s a strange coincidence. What’s the verdict?

Power button alone?
Park> power?
Neutral> park> power?

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