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I have a 2013 plug in prius.
The vehicle wont start and says there is a P-Lock malfunction
I bought the techscan tool and got some codes.
See attached image

What i have done so far in my endeavor to track down this issue.
Replaced dead 12V battery with brand new. (when running the car to do tests i have a 12V psu on the battery to not over drain it.)
Check all fuses under the hood as well as relays.
Looked for corrosion and dont see any.
All plugs under relays seem to have power.

I am aware of the tech website with diagrams for my vehicle but i am not sure if i want to buy the 2 days pass until i feel i have enough places to look and not waste the limited time i have access to it.
I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers about the modules locations and what harnesses to check.
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