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I bought my kid a 2013 Prius, two years ago she loves it, I love it. A couple days ago while driving home from college the ABS light came on, started beeping. She said it became a little harder to push on the brakes. She pulled over at a safe place, turned the car off and on for like 15 minutes, it kept beeping and ABS light kept coming on. She repeated that for another 15 minutes. Asked her to wait. She checked her brake fluid it was fine. After 30 minutes she try turning on the car and it did not turn on the ABS light or beeped. She then drove for like 60 miles an hour or so. Light came on and started beeping again while driving. I asked her to pull off at a safe location. We flat bed towed it home, like 175 miles. Yesterday I test drove it, checked it. I can not reproduce the issue. I checked it for fault codes- none. Took all four tires off. Nothing odd found. Changed the front brake pad, they had like 20% life on them. Cleaned the ABS sensors with a dry cloth. And then test drove it for like 100 miles in town, stop and go traffic. I can not reproduce the issue. No fault codes at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Car is in great shape I change the oil for her regularly and service it. It has about 120k miles. Last summer I replaced her original 12V battery.

Anyone have any thoughts that can help me?

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.
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