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High all :) I'm trying to solve 2 errors with my 2011, ZVW30R Prius and hoping someone on this chat site may be able to help?

1: When stopped at traffic lights with foot on the brake, the screen animation still shows drive from the battery to the motor. When I put the car into P, Park, the animation stops.

Yes, the car brakes as normal AND the brake tail-lights come on.

I've been underneath the dash and a green brake sensor with a protruding white shaft is connected and when the brake pedal is pushed down a whining, like a motor is being pressurised, is heard and the white shaft extends as (I assume) intended.

When you back off or coast the energy display mode shows only the usual 1-3 mm (1/8 inch) of bar of the LHS showing small regen., BUT when you apply brakes or B mode there's NO large spike to the LHS showing regen. There is a mechanical noise and slowing down, just no regen.

I had a static scan done by Toyota dealer, but did NOT identify any MG1 or MG2 fault, which it's been suggested maybe at fault or Inverter or ECU, although NOT a live test or while driving/braking.

Yes, I've replaced the core of the HV battery (Check Hybrid System errors), but it is claimed that continued failed modules since, are caused by regen not working?

Replacing parts unnecessarily is VERY expensive, so hoping to get an understanding of WHAT initiates Regen and WHAT would cause it NOT to work?

The ICE does recharge the HV battery and otherwise the car drives normally.

2: I'm also still trying to resolve C1345 & C1368 dash errors (ABS, Brake & skid lights on). I've replaced Accumulator, re-bled brakes, run relearning procedure several times, but it consistently fails at about 21 seconds during the whining and ABS, Brake & skid lights flashing procedure, using scantools (Tech Stream), despite 12V battery backup & doors closed, & windows up & level ground?

All known factory recalls have been completed.

Again, replacing parts unnecessarily is VERY expensive, so hoping to get an understanding of WHAT is causing relearning not to complete?

It is an Australian Right Hand Drive (as I'm in Australia) ex Taxi (555,000km) base model (ie not an iTech)

Please reply with your suggestions or questions :)

Thanks in advance for your time, opinion & help :)

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