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Hi, I am selling my 2010 Toyota Prius with 180k highway miles. It is in excellent mechanical condition and runs great. I am the second owner. The original owner was an Asian man who took excellent care of the car. It was in amazing condition when I got it. He must have only driven it to work and back. It is still in great shape for its age but I have picked up a scratch here and there despite always parking it in a safe place. On the interstate it drives straight and does not pull to either side. It has never been in an accident and has a clean title. The original owner owned it up until last year and he always had it serviced at the dealer as you can see on the car fax. I bought it 6 months ago and have driven it about 20k highway mi. The maintenance receipts that I have are included. I am selling it because I am moving to South Dakota for my new job and want a truck for the winter.

For options it has Leather, Heated Seats, a Backup Sensor and Bluetooth. I think that this is one of the best option packages you can get. I like how it does not have nav, a sunroof, or power seats. It just has what you need. The AC blows cold. I use 5w-40 Mobil 1 euro blend synthetic oil. I recently had the brake booster replaced. Everything works and it runs great. It comes with one key, the spare tools, and the spare tire.

Here is a link to my ebay auction for pics:

Thank You,
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