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I bought the car six weeks ago with 18" aftermarket wheels and Z-rated tires. I figured I might be taking a small, maybe 2-3 mpg hit with this set-up and it would be worth the sacrifice, but I am getting only 32 mpg. I need to find replacement wheels/tires, as this defeats the whole purpose of having a Prius.

I'm not a fan of the standard 15" wheels and would prefer not to go with those even though they would give me optimal mpg. Right now I'm most interested in the Persona 17" wheels, although I would take a 4-5 mpg hit using those. I have no idea about what tires I should get. I am looking for other wheel/tire suggestions that would minimize my mpg loss to no more than the Personas would.

I live in San Diego; winter tires are not necessary.

Here are the wheels on the car now:
Tires (only site I could find that had the exact match):

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Re: Wheels & Tires

In the early days, when Priuses were first available in the USA, some people tried to switch to aftermarket wheels and tires; and no matter what they got, fuel economy suffered. I suspect this has not changed over the years. Toyota does extensive testing to determine the setup that will get the most mpg's, and I doubt if you can second guess what will work better than what the Toyota engineers have come up with.

For example, all of these factors will reduce fuel mileage:

* Larger diameter and larger width wheels
* Larger diameter and larger width tires
* Lower profile tires
* Softer tire compounds that supposedly improve handling and grip (wasted money on a Prius)

The wheel link that you posted has an error, so I am unable to see what you have. The tires are the perfect example of what NOT to buy for a Prius.

If you feel that you absolutely must alter the OEM wheel/tire setup, go to, and find tires that have the same outside diameter, same tread width, and same aspect ratio as the OEM tires. Do NOT select special high performance, high speed Z rated tires.

Then, look for wheels that will fit these tires. Do NOT select extra wide wheels, or wheels with a different offset. They should be the same as the OEM wheels.

Unfortunately, if you decide to go for the cosmetic-only sporty look, you can expect to get really bad mileage; because just making the Prius look like a high-performance auto will make it handle poorly and get much lower mpg's than it is capable of.

Bottom line, the Prius is an economy car, built with the latest hybrid technology to maximize your fuel economy. If you want a high-performance automobile, you have the wrong car.

Sorry; probably not what you wanted to hear...
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