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2008 Prius won't start even after jump start

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I need help. I bought a used Prius 2008 back in December. Two days ago the Prius wouldn't start, just completely dead. We got someone to come and jump-start the car but immediately when the jumper cables were taken off, the Prius died again and the big red exclamation point flashed. I don't trust the guy jump-starting the car because he was a creep to me, but he said it could be something wrong with the hybrid battery. I understand that there are two different batteries in the Prius, but wouldn't the car still work even if the hybrid battery was dead? The previous owner said they replaced the hybrid battery recently. Maybe it is the 12v battery or could be something else completely? Please let me know your thoughts, thank you!
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The car has to have a working (what they call) Auxiliary battery for the car to start and keep running. If it is a week battery that drains slowly over time, it should start with a jump and then continue running until you shut it off again (at least that is how my Prius works. BUT, if the battery has shorted cells, you can start it up with a jump but, like you said, when the cables are disconnected it would die again. Take your "Auxiliary" battery to an auto parts store and have then run it on their battery tester (it should be free of charge). They'll let you know what the deal is with the battery. Prius batteries have smaller posts than most so you should not just buy any battery from them unless the post size is the same as well as the physical size of the battery is the same. I usually just go to the Toyota dealer to get mine. You can buy just a regular battery that will fit in the space buy you'll have to convert your battery cables to fit the larger posts.
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