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I'm looking to purchase a used Prius and have found a promising 2007 (Package #5 ) that I'm considering. However I took it for a test drive and every so often I heard a "buzzing" or rapid "ticking" sound...very similar to when a 10-speed bicycle's cranks are turned in reverse...when I was breaking slowly at stops. I looked on these forums and there are mixed comments and something like this could be normal or alternatively perhaps indicating an issue with the coolant pump or the brake accumulator.

I recorded the sound and posted it online here:

If you go there you can quickly download the file "PriusBrakeSound.wav". It's short and was recorded when making a normal stop in regular neighborhood speed traffic. You'll hear the sound after I turn off the turn indicator.

Can anyone tell me if they have a clue what this is? Is it normal? Should I run from buying this thing?

Thank you very much in advance!

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