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102k Miles... original owner.,

1. On 30+ minute drives avg 80+ mph with hard acc now and then... I've noticed that my prius sounds like its in a lower gear - sounds more like it would be in B, or when its revving higher to warm up on a very cold day.

2. Once its in this high rev mode... and I keep driving., I've also had it do this weird thing where just around 80mpg it will disengage acceleration, and cycle it back on., (accelerator is pressed), causing it to jerk back and forth...

3. on very cold days (2-10 deg), its usually reving high., and it does not need the 30 minutes to get to point 2 above..

4. it first started doing this around 60k miles., but my drives are usually 20 minutes long., and with no check engine light on.. .didnt want to deal with it.

5. If I park it for a few minutes (off) and/or turn back on and reverse and drive off., its back to normal....

Hoping that it was something covered by the emissions warranty, I took it in for diagnostic - they claim that the only thing that showed up was error codes for cylinder misfire and that i need new coil and sparks., quoted $950... I can change this myself.

They also claimed water pump has a leak (this was replaced in 2010 as part of a recall), they quoted $550... I can change this myself., but it requires a bit more work.,

They also wanted new brakes and rotors (front)., quoted $560

they also wanted to clean the back breaks., quoted $130.

Diagnostic cost is $120....

I can see how cylinder misfire can cause the jerking... I don't understand how it can cause the high rev - this seems more like a temp sensor or engine control issue..

I've run into some early 2008 posts for 2007 prius's where people had it in B by mistake., and that was the issue for the high rev - Some were just new to the prius and found the acceleration to be different so those didnt help me much in a search for answers...

anyone have suggestions on what to look at., or what to ask the dealer to do?
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