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Having driven my new Prius ('06 package 2) for a few days after having driven the '05 (package 5) for a few months, I thought I'd share with you guys a few of my initial observations/opinions.

- i love the seaside pearl exterior/gray interior combination
- the textured dashboard is much nicer and more scratch resistant
- the "dark gray" interior fabric isn't any different from the 2005 gray (i thought it would be)
- the darker, redesigned display screens are less distracting at night, i dont mind that you can only choose between green and orange color schemes (i only use the green)
- i'm no music connoisseur but i can notice a big difference between the premium 9 speaker package (in the '05) and the standard 6 speakers
- the rear camera feature, for me so far, is very limited as far as usefulness goes, it's more of a gimmick to make my passengers say "wow, that's cool"
- the autodimming mirror was a nice bit of luxury, but i'll get along just fine without it
- the auxillary audio jack is OK even though it doesnt incorporate the display for song titles and such

also i've put a front end mask on it and bought 4 snow tires (no VSC in package 2), other than that it's all the same to me

bottom line for current 2005 owners, i would say don't be jealous unless you wanted the blue/gray color combination.
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