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Dear all,

I posted the following on I am also posting here to get more experts viewing the problem to my car. Thanks!

My 2005 Prius has about 224,800 miles on it. I has been driving okay until yesterday. While driving, there are many warning lights coming up, including the check engine light, Red Triangle, VSC and "!" lights are all on. I asked autozone to pull out the code to be "P0A80, replacing hybrid battery pack". Does it mean I need to get a new battery? I heard it is very expensive, around $3000. Do I need to spend $150 to let Toyota Dealer to diagnose it again, just to be sure it is the hybrid battery problem?

In the mean time, after reading some posts from the forum, I did the following diagnoses myself:
1. I take out the fuel cap, and put it on until it clicks. It did not help
2. I tried to see whether it is the 12V auxiliary battery problem by checking the vehicle in the maintenance mode. I did it twice under two conditions
(1). After the car has been sitting/idling for 16 hours, I press the power button once and turned the head light signal 3 times while holding the MFD Info button, then "Menu", "Display Check" and "Vehicle Signal Check". I saw my battery voltage to be 11.9V (less than the range of 12.4-12.8V as someone in the forum said). Then I press power button again and release, the voltage became 11.4V, less than the 12V as suggested. Then I press the brake pedal and press power again, enter into "ready" mode, the voltage shows 14.1V, which is supposed to be normal.
(2). After driving the car for 30-60min, I followed the above procedure and checked the voltage again. The readings are: 12.5V (unloaded), 12.0V(loaded), and 14.1V (at Ready position).

I was told by the autozone technician that the first time check was not accurate because the car has been sitting in the cold weather (30-37F) for 16 hours, it is normal that the battery to read 11.9V (unloaded). As he pointed out, the battery voltage returned to normal after driving 30-60min.

What is the best option to me at this point? I don't want to spend another $3000 for my car because it is already old and has >200,000 mileage on it. Looks like I can do the following two things:
(1). Get a used battery. How much this will cost including installation?
(2). Trade in the vehicle and get a new one.

Not sure if I even needed to spend another $150-200 bucks to let toyota dealer to check it.
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