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My 2005 prius has a dash problem. Toyota told me I need new LCD Displays for abt $2,500 ea which comes to more than the car value (needs body work), and I don't have the $ and I don't think they are right. The small lcd may be aging, and losing some of it's integrity, but it fluctuates. I need to keep this working for another year!
well.. plan B is Lotto :surprise:

My LCD that shows the mileage, my speedometer, etc (including gas!) periodically goes out, the other lcd that shows ac controls, etc has lost a lot of it's color, and my ac is not what it should be... I live in east central Florida.
If my dash - speedometer LCD, goes dark, my a/c works better - fan is better, air is cooler, my other display shows a little brighter.

I have tried to notice if this happens under any specific set of circumstances, and can not determine anything. There is no rhyme or reason for this happening. Will go for weeks working fine, then I can get in the car to come home from someplace and it's dark. Day or night. Especially worrisome when it happens at night! The lights seem to work ok, though the indicator does not show.

Why it should affect my a/c has me convinced it is electrical and not just the displays.

Help! Suggestions please.
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