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Got our 2005 in October 2 years ago. Experience to date:

Originally had ordered a 2004 but the waiting time of 9 months (like
giving birth?) pushed us into the 2005 model year. Not complaining!

Wife was hit in left front fender when making a left turn. Pick-up truck
driver decided to pass as she was turning with her turn signal on. This
was at 400 miles on car. Car was out of service for a week.

Steering gear recall.

At 30000 mile service, the light leveling alarm finally decided to stay on
long enough for service tech to verify problem. It had been glitching on
and off for about the past six months. Dealer replaced under warrnty.

A to-date 46 miles per gallon. The cold Michigan winters, freeway
driving and my DW's heavy foot have impacted it some.

Have had good experiences with our dealer - Page Toyota in
Southfield, MI.

Still have the original tires on. Regularly rotate at 5000 miles.

Overall, quite pleased with the car.
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