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My wife was driving and Red Triangle !, Check Engine, Amber (!) and VSC lights came on. I connected my OBDII and would not read codes but I was able to clear them. After few days, Red Triangle ! and Check Engine came back on. After researching others with similar issues. I eliminated the simple 2 things. I did have my oil changed recently but its not passed line. Also checked 12v battery and it is reading as it should. I did notice another system that might help. I noticed the fan in the left passenger seat that comes from battery pack is running loud where it did not do this before. I'm afraid I might have 1 or several bad cells. Can someone please give me some insight on how I should proceed? Please don't tell me to take it to dealer as we know where that will lead.
Thank you in advance for any help.
Blessings to all!
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