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Hello Prius forum. I'm a new member and a new Prius owner. I bought a used 2005 Prius which needed a new HV Battery and been happy since my switch over from my 1992 Civic.
I've been looking all through the internet and fourms and could not find anyone close to the same issue so i'm forced to put in my first post and my first cry for help.

- Navigation loses stored "My Places, Recent Locations, Search Area setting, Time Zone…etc"
- If I Store a Location and take a drive. After I power off and power on the car right away the locations are still stored
-- Search Area, Time Zone...etc is also still stored

- If I leave the car over night I find all my stored settings are gone
— Search area defaults to area 9
— All recent location are gone

-- Blutooth and Radio are fine

I've read and tried different things:
- Calibration

- Tested the Battery voltage via Navigation Diagnostics screen menu
-- OEM battery which previous owner replaced a few years ago would drop below 12v during certain tests (But was around 12.4v with no load)
- New 12V Battery (Upgraded to an Optima)
-- Battery is around 12.7v and more stable above 12v during tests

- I have to always re-select the search area and then input my destination.

I'm use to seeing this symptom on Computers where the small quarter size battery dies out (which is used to store configurations in memory during power off).
To me this sounds to familular but I can't seem to find anything on the internet which states there is such a battery on the Navigation CPU unit. I haven’t opened anything up yet but don’t really want to if anyone else has seen this issue and knows the root cause.

Any guidance is much appreciated.
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