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While driving happily along the highway my 2005 prius suddenly began to lose power. I pulled over just in time for it to completely stop all motion. All the warning lights lit up like a christmas tree.(but no music :frown:)

my monitors are in and out (planned to replace boards) so I really can't see if it was charging. I tried turning it off and restarting, worked when my pump went out, but would not shift into drive, or reverse or anything but park, or move. might of only been the electric part running?

I put my hazard lights on when it slowed down, and after a while those went out too and it lost all power. strange though, the ck engine light stayed lite for quite some time.

mechanic came over today, suggested glassmat battery might be the problem, then someone(expert) said that would not.
Some one said the alternator... mechanic today said I do not have one, runs diff in the hybrid. ??Do I??

The one person I know who knows about this car lives in a different state.
I am clueless, can't work without a car- I drive Uber! and try to do real estate.
I am really short of cash so I can't afford to pay for a tow truck from here or there.

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