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ah, the begete saga again...

the 2003 manual recommends running
the car at least 30min every 2 weeks,
to keep the "battery" (the 12v battery)
from getting run down.

she called up Toyota, and they held
the line that if you don't follow
everything EXACTLY as the manual states,
that you'll forfeit the warranty. and she freaked out and posted it everywhere...

she's the only one that's experienced
such an issue. just disconnect the
12v battery if you're going to be
away for 3+ weeks (usual life), or
be willing to jumpstart your car.
no biggie. and no one has had any
issue with warranty - in fact, many
have seen a new 12v battery out of
it! (new TSB is out for putting in
a longer-lived 12v battery on cars
that have issues...)

2001 and 2002 Prius owner's manuals
don't state as such. I'll be seeing
my 2004 Prius in another week or two,
but I don't expect any differences.
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