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2004 Toyota Technical Details

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Ok I looked and did not see any link or any hard facts on what will be in the new 2004 Prius. Just spotty tidbits from people, This might help to fill in the gaps. Don't flame me if some did post this or something close to it. :wink: ... =4&yr=2003

I think the Smart Entry and Start options sounds like a cool feature, also the increase in the mileage is the best thing so far! :D

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Jason, thanks for that link. It's the clearest non-technical explanation of the Hybrid Synergy system that I've seen so far. I've bookmarked the site so I can send it to the various journalists who always manage to get it wrong when they try to explain "hybrid" in the press. For example, just today in my local newspaper there was a long article, ostensibly on hybrids but in reality a puff piece for Honda, that understated Prius horsepower (98 vs. 114), made no mention of the 44hp electric motor in Prius while touting the [puny] 13hp electric in the HCH, and of course made no reference to the vastly superior torque in the Prius vs. HCH. The author also took a swipe at the Prius styling (while saying nothing about the Civic's *yawn*ho-hum* look). I don't have much hope that they'll get it right for the 2004 Prius, either.
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My 2004 Prius info

Here is what I got out of the NY auto show. Take these claims with a grain of salt being it came from sales people. Sorry I have not separated it out from the other vehicles.
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