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2004 Prius Preliminary Specs

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Note that they consider it a mid-size vehicle instead of a compact. These specs still don't show gas milage, but the horse power ratings are there as are the vehicle dimensions.

For those who missed it before here's a Link for lots of photos of the new '04 as well.
2004 Pictures

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Re: total available horsepower

Henry said:
RSnyder wrote: "...the battery can contribute at most 21 kW (28 HP) of electric power...."

What is the authority for this assertion in re: the 21 kW maximum battery output?
Toyota states, on their website, that the current model of the Prius has a total of 98 horsepower available. Since we know that the ICE can produce 70 hp that would imply that there is only 28 hp available from the electric motor.
I don't know if Toyota officially states that the electric motor is limited to 28 hp, when running off of the battery pack, but some owners have measured the current being drawn and it tops out at about 80 amps which is about 28 hp.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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