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chris said:
Another thing about the 2004 model, although I looked quite
hard for it as the turntable rotated, I could'nt spot the battery
vent where it is
The pack is still behind the rear seat but Toyota reduced the module count and managed to drop it completely below the "deck". Coolong intake and exhaust are now hidden from casual view.

chris said:
Overall, given its looks and specs, I cannot believe this car
would sell for less than $30K.
To quote Don Esmond, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Toyota Motor Division:
"It will provide...
* the quiet, comfort and convenience...and responsive performance...of a midsize sedan...
* with standard features and options unavailable on any car sold in America...
* with Toyota-brand quality...reliability...and durability...
* and a best-in-industry emissions rating...
* at a price we anticipate won't change much from the current generation model. "
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