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I can't wait... this will be the biggest transition for me, but I will be first in line for the '04 here in my city. I am going from a '01 BMW 325i, with sport package and automatic... but I am tired of paying the note for a $35k vehicle when people can't respect it more. I have door dings and bumps and scrapes from people backing into me - and I am sick of it. I have never dinged another car's door - EVER!!! but somehow I get the pricks to park by me...

I am an engineer by degree and by birth. This car just fascinates me. I have been telling my friends that I will have a car that is extremely good at at least one thing, while there cars are sorta good looking, sorta fast, sorta efficient, sorta expensive...

The wait continues...

PS - please post order and delivery dates as they are known.
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