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2003 Prius with Dianne in Southern CA

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Most of ya'll know me thru the Yahoo Prius group list, or have met me when you've come and gotten your car! Have been selling Prius since their debut in Southern CA. I loved the order-only process and absolutely was thrilled in late 2001 when we were allowed to finally special order these cars with things like NAV systems, side airbags, and the factory cruise and such.

Now, we stand at the precipice of a new era: the all new 2004 makes its debut to the press tomorrow. The cars are not going to be available for months and months -- September and October the earliest to be expected (according to my good sources).

I do have three new 2003's coming shortly. Once again, these cars are scarce and I have been pre-selling them rapidly.
For Prius -- here's my entire inventory:
(click it!)

What's posted there online for pricing in the database is MSRP, and when you open each datafile by clicking the photos, the specifics per car get clearer. CALL ME DIRECTLY for deals. I make great deals - big savings - on Prius! The NAV cars are sold at MSRP these days -- just finding one is a good thing! I wish I had a lot more of these wonderful cars to offer, but I am working every day to add more to the list of availables.

Dianne Whitmire
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