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2002 Prius for Sale

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Hope Jeff and Pete dont mind me posting this, if so, please delete it.

We are very much down on our luck and have to sell my little friend due to family hardship. I DONT WANT TO! But now need monthly payment to live by.

2002 Silver Strata
3400 miles. Still Brand New
Has NAV,Cruise, Single CD, Daytime lights, Floor mats
Never have needed to take in for any repairs.

1st free 6 Month service has been perfomed according to Toyota Specs.
Oil Change and Tires rotated.

Please email [email protected] if interested in a good still brand new looking/smelling.
In Western Colorado.
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I find it FINE to post such things.

There are not so many cars of this type for sale, and people who are reading those forums are probably interested.
Just wanted to bump this up to the top. Hopefully someone will be interested soon.

Thanks again.
Good luck Smitty,

Just a cautionary note. If you took the tax deduction or any state tax credits be sure to check the the terms of the program. If I remember correctly, the monies are to be returned in whole or in part if you sell your Prius before some length of time (perhaps 3 yrs?).

It seems unlikely that repayment would be pursued as a primary investigation, however, if the IRS or the state are combing through an individual's records already I would expect that it would become an issue.

I wonder what happens if the car is totaled? Does the insurance company repay the state?

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