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I gave my car to the dealer and they call me that they found one more
part in the h.v. batteries that needs to be excanged but the are going to
have it tomorow. I rent a corrola from them and it is a good chance
I will not be charged.
My quesion is what parts are exchanging and what they shield with epoxy.
I just got my manuals and my prius mini scanner.The mini scanner works
good but I took it out just in case they tell me it screw the system.
I play safe than sorry.So far the prius is been good it has 50.000 miles
and before the end of the year probably 75.000 my average is 53.00 miles per gallon.
I have a small warranty from toyota but I found that my wiring is not covered so for that I have the service manual and the mini scanner.
I hope I never have to post emergency help on falts ,that will be fun.
regards peter terzopoulos
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