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2001 Navigation system ?

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Well, my wife and I just purchased a 2001 Prius and it came with a Navigation System. When we were researching that specific year before buying, we didn't think it was available for that year. Not buying the car solely for the Navigation System, we didn't really put that much time into it while test driving.

Now that I'm getting into it more, I'm running into some issues...

Is the Prius Navigation System that was offered in 2001 ONLY voice activated? Or is that just a separate item that can be purchased and installed on a Prius? Anytime I try to access any of the NAV options on the touch screen it says something to the effect of "External Map System Disconnected". (Or something like that)

We are wondering if the touch-screen part of the NAV system is broke, or if the NAV that was installed on the car was ONLY voice activated?

Like I said, we just recently brought the Prius home and are thoroughly enjoying it thus far... Just the pesky NAV is getting a little frustrating.

I've checked around the Net and haven't found anything with limited time, so I thought I would post the question here, since I've been reading for a while and you guys/gals offer some good advice.

Thank you for your input!
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Thanks for the reply

Yeah that is what we thought too, that the touch-screen NAV system wasn't available until 2002...

If what you say, the voice activated NAV wasn't available until 2004/2005... I wonder how it was installed on our's. Like you said, I didn't think it was an option for that year, but I guess the original owner had it installed himself then?

It might be an after-market install? It is VOM, I believe... Whatever that stands for. A search on the Net gave me a bunch of stuff in German.

I guess that is what I am trying to figure out...

If the Nav we have is JUST the voice-activated system that wasn't available for the 2001's and the previous owner either paid for the option to be installed at factory, or had it installed aftermarket on his own.


If the Nav we have installed is the voice-activated AND touch-screen that was available for only the 2004/2005 models and the previous owner had it installed after it was available. If that is true, then our touch-screen is malfuctioning.


The voice activated Nav in our 2001 is something else that someone installed that happens to work in a Prius.

yikes I'm confused stilll. :)
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I have a voice activated navigation system in the car. It is triggered on when anyone says the the word "Navigate" and it says "Navigation" and goes through a list of options. You say which option you want and it says the closest intersection that you can choose to start from. Then you can verify your location. Then it asks for where you wish to go and then gives a list of options. You say the option you wish (ie Restaurants, Gas Station, Park, Hospital) and it will direct you. Else you can spell out the name of the city or the restaurant (M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S) and it says "You've choosen McDonalds" and gives directions to the nearest location.

Also it comes with a voice game of Blackjack where you can play the Navigation system in a game of Blackjack for some reason. I figure that is probably a clue to whether or not it is a Toyota system or aftermarket system...

That's how I know it's installed. :)

I'm just trying to figure out how it was installed, what the software maker was or who installed it, if it wasn't available in the 2001 model... Which we both know it wasn't.
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Nope, it doesn't use the existing LED screen, nor does it have one of its own. That is why I was wondering if maybe the voice part was somehow disconnected from the LED screen because all it appears to be is JUST a voice navigation system. If it is an aftermarket product, I can't even see where it was installed.

It's confusing me.

I have a call into the dealer where I bought it, and it was a lease trade-in on an '05 Prius. I'm sure they'd be able to find the information out, but it's taken them a few days and I've got nothing in return yet.

If I find anything out, I'll post it on here. It's kind of a cool toy, but have a visual instead of trying to remember the verbal paths you took to get to the menu you are at is kind of concentration-necessary... which means it takes away from me driving and glaring at the LED screen since I'm addicted to watching the MPG accumulate.
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