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2001-2002 Power Steering Rack Warranty Extension

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I received a mailing from Toyota stating that my 2001 Prius is eligible for a warranty extension on the electronically-assisted power steering rack. The short of it: check with Toyota to see if your specific Prius is eligible. If you have steering rack vibrations (shudder/stutters), you are eligible for a free power steering rack replacement anytime within 5 years or unlimited miles from your in-service date. Toyota will provide reimbursements if you had it done already outside of the usual new Vehicle Limited Basic warranty period of 3 years/36,000 miles and meet the new 5 years limitation.

here's a text copy of the mailing:

White 6"x9" envelope (printed on 50% recycled paper/10% post consumer waste), with window for name/address and a bar code. Big red letters in a red box on front stating:
Return address is:
Red Toyota logo
[Black text]
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
No General Correspondence
P.O. Box 710367
San Diego, CA 92171-0367

The Letter. One side is in English, the other in Spanish. also printed on recycled paper, same content as envelope. here is the English version:
2001 through Early 2002 Model year prius Electronically-assisted Power Steering Warranty Enhancement Notice

Re: [my model year Prius and VIN]

Dear Prius Owner:

At Toyota, we are dedicated to providing vehicles of outstanding quality and value. As part of our continual efforts to meet your product expectations, Toyota would like to advise you of an extension to portions of your Prius's new Vehicle Limited Basic Warranty.

Toyota cares about our customers

The innovative and environmentally-friendly Prius uses an electronically-assisted power steering rather than a traditional hydrolic system. toyota has received reports of customer concerns regarding an unusal steering wheel vibration in certain 2001 through early 2002 model year Prius vehicles.

Although the electronically-assisted power steering rack is generally covered by Toyota's New Vehicle Limited Basic Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles, we at Toyota care about your overall experience with the Prius. To assure you that we stand behind our product, we are offering an extension of the warranty coverage on your vehicle's electronically-assisted power steering rack.

This warranty extension is offered for a total period of 5 years, with no mileage limitation, from the vehicle's in-service date for a steering wheel vibration related to your Prius' electronically-assisted power steering rack assembly. The specific component(s) covered by this warranty extension are as follows:
* Electronically-assisted power steering rack assembly

This offer is limited to your specific Prius whose VIN is provide above and is subject to the same conditions set forth in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty section of your Owner's Warranty Information booklet, with the exception of the extended warranty coverage on the electronically-assisted power steering rack assembly. Please note that this coverage is for warranty work performed at an authorized Toyota dealer only.

* What should you do?

If you have not experienced this condition, please insert this letter into your Prius's Owner's Warranty Information booklet for future reference.

In the event that you experience the steering wheel vibration related to your Prius' electronically-assisted power steering rack assembly, contact any Toyota dealer and make arrangements for diagnosis and, if applicable, repair. Please present this notice to the Toyota dealer when you bring the vehicle in for your appointment.

If you no longer own the vehicle, please utilize the enclosed postage paid form, providing us with the name and address of the new owner.

* What if you have previously paid for repair or replacement of your Electronically-Assisted Power Steering Rack?

If you have previously paid for the repair or replacement of one of the component(s) listed above during the applicable period, please mail a copy of your repair order, proof-of-payment, and proof-of-ownership to the following address for reimbursement consideration:

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Toyota Customer Experience, WC 10
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90509

Include your name, address, and telephone number(s) in your request. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request.

We have sent this notice in the interest of your continued satisfaction with
our products.


The card with your address on it has a note stating: "Please not if you are teh same owner without an address change to report, there is no need to return this card."
Attached is a card to notify Toyota, with little fill-in boxes:
1. Same owner, name and/or address changed
2. Same owner, additional driver
3. New owner
4. no longer have vehicle - sold to individual listed below
5. Exported
6. Destroyed/stolen
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Hmmmm, interesting, I wonder if there is something like that in the UK.

My steering rack has just been replaced under warranty, I have a 2001 Prius.

I guess I should look into this!


Steering Rack Warranty Extension 2001-2002

Thanks for publishing the letter about the warranty extension! I've been having sporadic bouts of stuttering, usually at start-up, sometimes very violent (just like in other posts on this forum). Toyota Warranty in Torrance could not find any history of a letter for my car (2001). Dealer says it was only issued to a certain VIN range. The problem is also hard to duplicate when I take it to the dealer, so they are reluctant to pursue my claim. Any suggestions or similar situations out there?

power steering

I just had the same problem today. The PS indication came on for a few seconds and then fixed itself. I could feel the wheel jerk around a little and then it subsided. After about 5 miles highway driving, I stopped at a traffic light. I took my hands off the wheel for a moment at the light and the wheel vibrated hard for a second and stopped. No further problems all the way home. Will a fault be recorded in the memory or does it disappear when it isn't recognized any more?
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