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2 More Prius arrived today. I now have 6 on the lot

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I have a Black pkg #6, a White pkg #6, a Silver pkg #6, a Tidaland pearl pkg #6, a Seaside Pearl pkg #6 and a Salsa Red pkg #6.

All are available for immediate delivery. We sell at MSRP and include PRIORITY PLUS 2yr/25000 mile FREE Scheduled Maintenance including oil and filter changes, FREE Lifetime Virginia State Inspections and much more.

Call me for more information or to purchase one of the above Prius.

These wont last long. so don't hesitate!

Steve Levine
Priority Toyota of Richmond
804-526-2811 or 800-748-0908
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YAY!! Good for you for posting in the right place. :) Now you're a hero.

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